“Farmers harvest cashews from February to May.”The harvesting cashews process generally involves picking nuts that have dropped to the ground after maturing. Processing and producing raw cashew nuts into edible cashew kernels takes several steps, including procurement, roasting, drying, shelling, peeling, grading, quality controls, storage, and packaging. Workers must conduct all these steps carefully to obtain good quality and grade kernels.”

Harvesting Cashews
How Are Harvesting Cashews

Collecting The Fruit That houses The Cashew Nut

When it comes to harvesting cashew nuts, the process is unique. Unlike other nuts within the fruit, cashews grow outside a fruit called a cashew apple. The cashew nut is found within a shell attached to the bottom of the apple, and harvesting it requires a delicate touch.

Farmers must first wait until the cashew apple has ripened on the tree to begin the process.

Farmers can carefully pluck the fruit from the tree using a long pole or ladder once it turns a bright yellow or red. They then take the cashew apple to a processing center where workers extract the nuts from the shell.

Workers remove the nut from the shell and sort it based on size and quality before packaging it for sale.

Separating The Cashew Nuts From The Apples By Hand

Separating the nuts from the apples is a crucial step when harvesting cashews.

“Although machinery is often used to extract the nuts, people in some parts of the world still extract them by hand.”

Apples By Hand
The Cashew Nuts From The Apples By Hand

Farmers pick the cashew apple from the tree and then cut it open carefully with a knife to reveal the nut. The nutshell, attached to the bottom of the apple, is then carefully removed before the nut can be eaten or processed for sale.

To separate the nut from the apple by hand, workers use a unique tool called a “cashew cutter.”

The worker can use a small knife attached to a wooden handle to carefully remove the nut from the apple while avoiding damage to the nut itself.

Although the machinery is not readily available or would be too costly in some areas, people often prefer to separate the nuts from the apples by hand. By allowing a more hands-on harvest, workers ensure that they select only the highest quality nuts for processing.”

Splitting The Shell By Hand Or Using Machinery

Splitting open the tough shell of a cashew nut is a crucial step in harvesting. There are two main methods for achieving this – by hand or machinery.

Workers use a unique “cashew cutter” tool to carefully crack open the body without damaging the delicate nut when splitting the shell by hand. This method requires great skill and precision, as the shell can be hard to interpret.

 Splitting The Shell By Hand Or Using Machinery

In large-scale commercial operations, workers use machines that apply pressure to the surface of the nut to crack it open and allow for easy extraction. This method is preferred as it can process many nuts quickly and efficiently.

Removing the outer surface of the nut

“After extracting the cashew nut from its shell, workers must remove the outer surface of the nut before they can sell or eat it.”

This outer layer, the “testa, ” is bitter and unpalatable. There are a few methods for removing the testa from the nut, but the most common procedure involves roasting the nuts.

Workers place the nuts in a hot oven or stovetop and roast them until the testa turns dark brown and begins to crack.

“When the nuts have cooled down enough to handle, people can easily remove the testa by hand or machine.”

Another method for removing the testa is to soak the nuts in water for several hours or overnight. This softens the testa, making it easier to remove by hand. After that, workers wash and dry the nuts before packaging them for sale.”

While removing the testa can be time-consuming, it is an essential step in producing cashew nuts. Not only does it make the nuts more palatable, but it also removes any residual toxins that may be present in the testa.

If you’re a fan of cashew nuts, you can understand the work put into producing these tasty and nutritious snacks.

“Workers carefully execute every step of the process from harvesting the fruit to removing the outer surface of the nut to ensure that they obtain only the highest quality nuts.”

Sorting According To Size And Quality

After harvesting and processing the cashews, workers must sort them according to size and quality. Ensuring that only the best nuts are selected for sale is essential in production.”

Workers typically sort the cashews by hand or using machines that can quickly and accurately sort the nuts based on size and quality. They sort the nuts into various grades, with the highest quality nuts sold at a premium price.

Size is essential in cashew sorting, as consumers often prefer larger nuts. Quality is also necessary, as damaged or discolored nuts are considered lower quality.

Sorting the nuts according to size and quality helps to ensure that consumers get only the best cashews. Whether you prefer your nuts large and premium or smaller and more affordable, there is a grade of cashews that will meet your needs.


What are cashews?

Brazil is the home of cashews, a kind of nut. They are abundant in protein and good fats. We are making them a popular snack and ingredient in various dishes.

Are all cashews roasted?

No, not all cashews are roasted. Raw cashews are also available but have a different taste and texture than roasted cashews.

What is the best way to store cashews?

“To protect against rancidity, you should keep cashews. You could also store them in the fridge or freezer for a longer shelf life.”

What are some common uses for cashews in cooking?

“People use cashews in various dishes, including salads, stir-fries, and curries. Cashews are also popular in vegan and dairy-free recipes because they can be blended to create a creamy texture.”


In conclusion, cashews are a delicious and nutritious food that many people worldwide enjoy. Workers carefully execute every step of the production process to ensure that consumers receive only the highest quality nuts, from the origin of cashews in Brazil to harvesting and processing. Cashews, versatile ingredients used in various dishes or enjoyed as a healthy snack, can be roasted or raw and come in different sizes. With their high protein and beneficial fat content, cashews are an excellent choice for anyone looking to add more nutrition to their diet.

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